Monthly Archive for January, 2007

Shining a Light in South Africa

Students’ Progress Pleases Sanitation Project Partners Katrina Kellner knows better now. After six weeks in rural South Africa – rural and perishingly poor South Africa – the Lethbridge College student understands how good intentions and North American zeal can be blunted by bureaucratic red tape and dismal resources. Yet, despite the frustration caused by a […]

Bridging the Instructional Gap

In a unique computer lab atop the Technologies Wing at Lethbridge College, old (and young) dogs are being taught new tricks. The college’s Blended Learning Initiative (BLI), created as a pilot project slightly more than a year ago, has combined the talents of student computer whizzes, instructional gurus and technical advisors to enable instructors from […]

A deeper Shade of Green

It seems only appropriate in retrospect: while watching their children unleash sustainable energy on a green soccer pitch last spring, Peter Leclaire and Michael Kelly got to talking about environmentally responsible housing. As the anecdote was told at City Hall, soccer coach Michael, the city’s manager of real estate and land development, suggested to soccer […]

Top Post Promotion Began in the Class

Lethbridge Police Chief’s College Roots Run Deep Lethbridge police chief Tom McKenzie credits his 31-year rise through the ranks to those who preceded him, officers who served as his instructors at Lethbridge College. “It was really interesting to learn from the perspective of a retired police officer,” says Tom. “As a student, I really liked […]

The Power of Partners Staying in Touch

Past, present and future kaleidoscope together to create positive links for prospective, current and graduate students through a key organization on any post-secondary campus: the alumni association. Graduates with experience in the world-after-college can play a key role in the success of those who follow in their footsteps. And that role can take many different […]

Shake Hands with Romeo Dallaire

The Senator Issues a Call to Students: The Third World Needs Your Talent It’s several thousand miles and 13 years from the mist-covered mountains of Rwanda to this sun-soaked October afternoon on the campus of Lethbridge College, farther still if one considers the emotional mileage Romeo Dallaire has logged since he left that African nation […]

Need TLC in Your Life?

Lethbridge College is living its values through a new volunteer program already embraced by its members. Totally Lethbridge College (TLC), a unique corporate volunteer and recognition program, provides the answer to these questions. Not only do TLC members have a greater feeling of involvement and pride in Lethbridge College, but they also meet new people, […]

Making a Big Splash

Water cascading down the face of 60 tonnes of Crowsnest Pass rock is usually a sight and sound you would expect to encounter in the mountains west of Lethbridge. That mountain feeling is now making a splash through a new water feature located at the front entrance of Lethbridge College. “It represents the water coming […]

Getting into the Game

New Athletic Director Sets Goals for Change As he sits in his new office with the lights out, Mark Kosak allows himself a moment of dream time: in the ideal world, his office would overlook the coulees west of the campus instead of Gym B in the Val Matteotti Gymnasium. Given that fulfillment of his […]

Getting Back to Our Future

Three words that can be read separately or as a definitive statement: Brand new vision. Either way, it’s what we’re all about at Lethbridge College. During the past year, we have been sweating the details and actively engaging in several projects designed to move us forward from our 50th anniversary to a brilliant future. We […]

Extreme Lab Makeover

Give Scott Lehbauer $1 million to spend, and you’ll discover Lethbridge College’s science lab co-ordinator knows how to shop. That’s a good thing when your goal is to create a science facility that will not only be at the top of its game, but will remain so past the next new wave of “must-haves.” So […]

Clearing Paths to Greater Opportunities

Lethbridge College has long been aware of the possibilities it presents for aboriginal learners seeking post-secondary education. It also understands the cultural differences that create opportunities for celebration to support and enhance their academic successes. With many initiatives already implemented, the college has recently partnered with RBC to enhance the campus experience through the Aboriginal […]