Monthly Archive for June, 2008

Students Wow Community

The numbers tell some of the story: Lethbridge College Service Learning students provide some 4,300 volunteer hours annually to as many as 60 organizations, many of which ask for one of roughly 100 students involved each semester. In fact, says Leslie Paradee, service learning co-ordinator, more than 200 community organizations have been helped through service […]

Smart Kids have a Bear of a Summer

When summer holidays strike, smart Lethbridge parents will be ensuring their young athletes attend a Kodiaks sports camp. “This is a very sports-minded community,” says Mark Kosak, the college’s director of athletics. “Parents want to encourage their kids to participate and want to see them improve. Our camps give them a chance to benefit from […]

Sheryl Saddles Her Dream Job

Sheryl Cody may be more than 3,500 kilometres from her hometown of Milk River, but the southern Alberta farm girl still starts her days at 5 a.m. and spends the first hour of her schedule shovelling horse manure. But if that’s what it takes to be a member of the RCMP Musical Ride, the Lethbridge […]

Shanda is a Dreamweaver

For 25-year-old Shanda Venier, it started with a thesis paper titled “What is ‘Indian’ anyway?” After hours of research, countless interviews, and a lot of digging, she got her answer, and more. The answer carried something else, something vital: her identity. Seven years later, that identity has an active place in her life, and has […]

Going the distance: Bertil Johansson Shows the Way

Each fall for the last several years, as soccer heads for hibernation and indoor sports begin to stir, Lethbridge College athletes of a different stripe head into the fields of Alberta for what is fast becoming their traditional harvest of gold. These Kodiaks do not hear the cheers of fans, and their endeavours largely occur […]

Facing School Violence: Threat Assessment Training Prepares Educators for the Unthinkable

When a 14-year-old brought a gun into a Taber high school in March 1999, killing one student and wounding another, the phenomenon of young people settling scores through homicidal rage stopped being an isolated American problem. Exploding just eight days after the mass killings at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo., the Taber shooting became […]

‘Eagle Woman’ Sets Sights on Fashion Heritage

Her designs have swirled across the stage at the Juno Awards. She is the reigning world champion in women’s native fancy dancing. She stands on the verge of a marketing initiative that could spread native couture across the continent. It’s hardly surprising Carol Melting Tallow’s aboriginal name is Eagle Woman: the Lethbridge College grad (Fashion […]

Dwayne’s World: Where Technology Parties on to Help Students Learn

Teaching used to be so wonderfully uncomplicated by technology, unless chalk and slate counted as innovation. Today, even traditional textbooks are threatened by electronic wizardry. And while teachers of just a decade ago needed to crack down only on note-passing to stop unwanted classroom communications, educators today are battling cellphones, iPods, Facebook, YouTube and three […]

A Little TLC

Ringo Starr got by with a little help from his friends, but sometimes it takes the concerted effort of many people to achieve great things. At Lethbridge College, a volunteer program launched in September 2007 generates support from many individuals providing the institution with a little help from a lot of friends. In fact, in […]

New Course Embraces ‘YouTube’ Generation

In a now-forgotten time (say, five years ago) the art of storytelling was honed around a hearth, at a grandparent’s knee, or while marshmallows toasted over a campfire. Provided the tale had a degree of relevance or resonance for the listener, the teller needed little else to create the appropriate atmosphere to enchant a small […]

Lindsay, Katie, Becky: Our Ministers of the Interior

Interior Design student Lindsay Gergel might never have thought she’d make her first real-world mark in the lingerie business. But the Turin-area farm girl and 2008 Lethbridge College graduate stepped off campus for some downtown design work at Intrigue Lingerie Boutique on Seventh Street South, helping owners Colleen Armstrong and Rita McArthur create the look […]

Kodiaks Flaunt New Logo, New ‘Tude

Kodiaks Athletics hopes to corner the bear market in pride when its new logo lights up merchandise this September. “We know Kodiaks history runs deep in this institution, throughout our alumni and within the community,” says Mark Kosak, Lethbridge College athletics director. “We wanted a logo that reflects that pride, while depicting the power and […]

Harnessing Knowledge for the Greater Good

Whoever thinks knowledge is its own reward hasn’t spent time with Lorne MacGregor. Lethbridge College’s newly minted director of applied research and innovation believes knowledge derived from research should be applicable to community needs, not exist in a vacuum. With that tenet in mind, MacGregor will be playing impresario and middleman between those doing research […]