Monthly Archive for September, 2008

Passion Vital for Envi-Sci

If you enter his domain, the world of “bears and bad guys,” you’d better have it in large amounts if you want to succeed. Passion, he says, will take you far in Lethbridge College’s School of Environmental Science, and in his discipline, conservation enforcement, even for students who weren’t academic stars in high school. But […]

New Dean Maps Future

When Sandy Vanderburgh left Alberta to broaden his academic experience on the West Coast in the early 1990s, he kept open the option of a return to his native province. A doctorate and a wealth of experience later, Vanderburgh has returned to Alberta as Lethbridge College’s dean of Applied Arts and Sciences. In his new […]

Kelly Helps Define Terror

From the IRA to Black September; from The Jackal to Osama bin Laden; from Munich to Lockerbie to New York City, on Pan Am, Air India and American Airlines; in English subways, Afghani markets and U.S. office buildings: terrorism, especially since 2001, has changed the globe. Its effects may be as dramatic and tragic as […]

Disabilities No Barrier to Learning

Stephen Hill, an Environmental Sciences student, finds time in his studies to serve as president of the Lethbridge College chapter of Ducks Unlimited. Indrah Kerrison has begun the Nursing program after academic successes in General Studies. Linda Entz, who left a Hutterite colony to further her education, is on her way to a diploma through […]

Daughters Honour Former College Employee

When Margo Grant lost her parents, Bill and Donna Christensen, in an auto accident nine years ago, she couldn’t find an easy outlet for her grief. Born and raised in Lethbridge, Grant moved to Surrey, B.C. years ago (her twin sister, Jeanette McKnight, lives in Chilliwack); her parents were on their way to the West […]

Faster – Higher – . . . Tastier

No, it’s not exactly the Olympic motto. But then again, Erfurt, Germany, isn’t exactly Beijing, either. For one thing, it’s likely to be much more pleasing to the palate when the World Culinary Olympics get underway Oct. 19-23. Countries from around the world will be sending their top teams to the competition, and chef Charles […]

Where Are They Now?

Judy (Schmied) Rutley Nursing 1972 Calgary: nursed at hospitals in High River, Surrey, B.C. and Calgary. She’s worked at Foothills Hospital since 1985. She has two adult daughters. Geri (Knibbs) Bronson Nursing 1974 Lethbridge: took alternative training, worked in Texas and Edmonton. Now works in Lethbridge College’s Health Centre. She is a Brain Gym instructor, registered massage therapist and certified Healing Touch practitioner. […]

Happy New Year One and All!

What’s that you say? It’s not January? Well, if you only go by the calendar, you’d be right. However, in the world of post-secondary education, September feels like the start of a brand new year. Lethbridge College is in the business of making dreams real. Students come here with high hopes, and we help turn […]

Green with Envy

As a new groundskeeper at Lethbridge College, Gary Harmon admits he has a lot to learn. Although he’s only been on the job a few weeks, he already has a clear goal in mind: to carry on a vision that has defined the campus for three decades. Harmon began his new position as groundskeeper July […]

EMS Students Answer Call

Blood oozes from the deep gash in Sheldon Bohachyk’s forehead. The ugly looking wound sends little droplets of red splattering to the ground around him. A rip in the leg of his pants reveals a shattered bone sticking out through flesh with more blood spurting in a thin stream that soaks his clothes in dark, […]

Global’s News Flash

You’re a fighter, a heavyweight champ, once again ready to answer the bell for another round against a familiar adversary. You’ve studied his footwork, know enough to stay away from the jab and you figure he’ll tire if you can get him on the ropes. You trained hard for this, planned a solid strategy and […]

eCampusAlberta: Right to Your Door

When classes opened for the fall semester at Lethbridge College post-Labour Day, some 6,200 students filled the hallways, dutifully found their classrooms, and settled down to the next four months of academic study on campus. Some students, however, will likely never see the brick and plaster that make up the physical entity at 3000 College […]