We Bridge Eras, Too


It has stood as a Lethbridge landmark for a century, a symbol of excellence, strength and initiative: representative, really, of the spirit of our community. The High Level Bridge, profiled in this issue, is an enduring legacy to those who had the dream and those who placed the concrete and steel to withstand time, wear and changing purpose.

As you’ll read in our coverage, the wonder of the bridge is its adaptability to handle heavier, longer loads as future decades have dictated.

We at Lethbridge College see the High Level Bridge as a metaphor for our own legacy and future, a mission that has changed dramatically even as its vision has remained constant. We see bridges in much of what we do.

Lethbridge College serves as a bridge between the exuberance of high school and the enterprise of adulthood. It serves as a bridge for those contemplating a career change, or pushed by circumstance to cross new streams. As the High Level Bridge shortened the rail distance across the Oldman River Valley, we shorten the distance between dream and reality.

The research we undertake serves as a bridge between academic innovation and community industry, aligning ideas with goals.

And for our alumni, it serves as a way back to a milestone in their lives, be it one only recently passed, or one that marks the start of their journey to accomplishment and success.

Our college, too, is made of steel and concrete, much of it crafted to stand, for 51 years now, as a hallmark of construction, a bridge to an era of names such as Cousins and Andrews for whom they are named. We, too, span eras.

And, finally, we serve as a bridge that links the teachings of the past with the learnings of tomorrow while we serve the present. As those who designed the High Level Bridge did so with the knowledge its needs would be altered with the years, so, too, do we continue to build Lethbridge College to supply a route to those education needs perhaps not yet upon us but definitely glimpsed on the horizon.

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