Monthly Archive for January, 2010

Under construction

Inside this issue you’ll find insight into the design, construction and sustainability of our new learner residence, which has been inching skyward since last August. When we cut the ribbon later this year, its five storeys will provide accommodation for students who have chosen Lethbridge College for their post-secondary education. Some might ask “why a […]

Ground Breaking News

Lethbridge College began construction on its third student residence project in June, and will have its 109 rooms occupied for the fall of 2010. We took photos at the start of our $11-million project.

Crooks School Opening

When we officially announced the creation of the Crooks School of Transportation, the cameras were rolling.

South Africa


Lethbridge College is helping South Africans improve sanitation and water quality. View photos from the project.



Weatherford has had a solid relationship with Lethbridge College, beyond the driver-attitude survey. Read more about this industry-education partnership, and take the driver survey.

On dry: xeriscaping no hose job

When Paula Collins arrived at Lethbridge College from Winnipeg in 2008 to begin Lethbridge College’s four-year Conservation Enforcement program, she brought along a belief in environmental sustainability. Before her first Christmas on campus, she had created what has become the Eco- c collective, a group of students who share a determination to make a difference […]

A green champion arises

There’s a new term in vogue in the sustainability field: regeneration. It’s no longer enough to merely do no further damage; the focus now is on fixing what was broken previously. Leona Rousseau, then, would be the perfect person to champion causes focused on this new philosophy. As program chair for Lethbridge College’s Interior Design […]

Scholarship winner has a new altitude

Ty Provost is a bit of an adrenaline junkie. At three, his dad had him – and his four siblings – riding horses on the family ranch near Brocket. In his teens, he knew how to break a horse and was soon competing in rodeos as a bronc rider. So it’s merely an extension of […]

Technology driving careers

Claire Parkinson enrolled at Lethbridge College to fulfill her dream of becoming a nurse. Somewhere, she swapped bed pans for oil pans and is now halfway through her apprenticeship as an automotive technician. She still studies in a technologically advanced field, but now knows more about automatic transmissions than most guys on her block. Sometimes, […]

Fast and the Furious

Dave Daniels is spinning his wheels these days, getting nowhere – and loving every minute of the journey. Daniels, an 11-year veteran instructor in Lethbridge College’s Automotive Systems Technician program, has a new toy to play with: a Mustang dynamometer that moves vehicle diagnostics into the fast lane. “Vehicle technology is changing rapidly and I […]

New day dawns for trades

The community, they say, has been good to them since they arrived 30 years ago to open the city’s first Canadian Tire store. So when Art and Mary Jane Crooks sought a way in which to give back, they selected Lethbridge College, the place to which they often turned for the skilled trades’ people they […]

Q&A with trades in mind

It’s been 25 years since Dave McLellan graduated from Lethbridge College as a journeyman electrician, a trade he later taught on campus for eight years. Today, he’s a supervisor for Apprenticeship and Industry Training’s South Division in Lethbridge. Despite the economic downturn, he sees a future in the trades for those willing to obtain the […]

Perspectives- What is your perspective on trades and the economy?

Darrel Bohle- Bel-Aire Welding As a 1983 graduate of the college’s welding program, Darrel Bohle knew trades was his passion. Equipped with the knowledge and skills the college’s technical training provided him, he began his business, Bel-Aire Welding. After 18 years, his passion still brings him success, and he is confident trades are a rewarding […]

Resident Designers

Lethbridge College has been through some substantial changes in the last few months: a new look, a new name, new programs, always placing students at the forefront of these innovations. This fall, that motivation will continue when the campus opens its third student residence. Construction on the residence began last June after several months of […]

Forging Alberta’s next economy

Carpenters, welders, electricians, interior designers, environmental scientists, engineering drafters, business and communications experts, office administrators: you’d wonder what these diverse workers would have in common beyond achieving their education at Lethbridge College. Yet, the new student residence being built at Lethbridge College serves as a microcosm of many of the disciplines taught in classrooms only […]

Higher education: a buyer’s market

The selling and consumption of almost every commodity on Earth has changed dramatically in the last decade. Why, asks futurist Thomas Frey, should education be any different? August 1965: if you were a teenager that summer, especially if you were a girl, you might well have spent time lining up outside your local record store, […]

Where are they now?

Rob Bernshaw- Automotive Service Technology 1993 Since graduation, Rob has earned a diploma in Telecommunications Technology from NAIT and works as an offsite service vehicle operator for the Alberta Motor Association in Edmonton. He maintains an active interest in electronics and telecommunications and attends the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. He stays active […]

Crash course in psychology- Our applied research might improve your driving

Jennifer Davis wants to help you be a better driver by getting into your head. The Lethbridge College psychology instructor is fine-tuning results collected last fall that match drivers’ psychological profiles and attitudes behind the wheel to their driving records to determine what factors combine to increase the potential for motor vehicle accidents. In short, […]

Chris Schamber- can’t curb his enthusiasm

You don’t have to spend much time with Chris Schamber to figure out he’s unique. But not for the reasons you’d think. Sure, the Lethbridge College grad gets around in a motorized wheelchair that looks like it could do serious damage to anything (or anyone) that dares get in the way, and yes, the car […]

Justin in Kandahar

It was in my final year of high school in Prince George, B.C. that I made up my mind to attend Lethbridge College and, in 1976, I was admitted into the Law Enforcement [now Justice Studies] program. During the next two years, I met some great people at the college, had some amazing instructors, and […]

Cape of good hope

South Africa is a land of contrasting landscapes, a country in which travelers can stroll breathtaking beaches, stalk lions on sweeping savannahs and stroll beneath mountains that touch the clouds of its famed cape. It is, too, a land of contrasting living conditions and the opportunities they afford those hoping to forge ahead in a […]

College picks its Green Team

Green is the colour of choice at Lethbridge College these days: as a major employer, landowner and educator, the institution understands its responsibility to the community to be innovative and instructional in its promotion of sustainability. However, as green comes in several shades, initiatives require co-ordination to be dynamic. Beginning this month, it will be […]