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Where there’s a will – Why you should write it down

Deciding how to distribute what we own after we pass away and taking steps to see that our wishes will be carried out are definitely among those “shoulds” of life. So, too, is providing for the possibility of losing capacity to make decisions for ourselves. However, even for subjects like these that we might prefer […]

Star of nursing

Toyin Bamgbala admits she’s had some options in her life so far, but education wasn’t one of them: she made it mandatory. Growing up in Nigeria with parents who placed an emphasis on knowledge, and following six older siblings who have nothing less than masters’ degrees, the family’s “baby” was destined for a life of […]

Where are they now?

Krista Albers- Business Administration, 2006 Krista completed her Business Administration diploma with a major in marketing and entered the 2+2 program at the University of Lethbridge. She took a semester off to study Spanish in Spain. In 2008, she went on an exchange program to Ecuador to complete her university studies and graduated in 2009 […]


Wider Horizons asked: Do you think society gives you adequate support to do your job? Sgt. Mark Smallbones (Criminal Justice 1998)- Lethbridge Regional Police Service As a police officer, I feel very fortunate to work in a community that is supportive of its police service. That being said, we recognize times have changed and this support is […]

Senior Momentum- Our grads help the elderly stay active

If there was a course Shari Jeffries might have wished Lethbridge College’s Therapeutic Recreation – Gerontology (TRG) curriculum included, it would be drumming. Jeffries, a 2008 graduate and now a recreational assistant at the Bethany Care  Centre in Cochrane, is initiating a program for her elderly clients that will have them beating on 18 Native […]

Presidents Message

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. – Anne Frank Despite her years – or perhaps because of her youthful naivety – the brave young lady quoted above saw beyond her desperate circumstances to distill into a few words a wonderfully uncomplicated call to action […]

Q&A with Matthew Berrigan

Matthew Berrigan, the 2010 winner of Lethbridge College’s Rising Star award came to the campus following a difficult high school career in Black Diamond. Knowing he wanted to be a teacher, but wondering if he had the jam to make it first as a student, he enrolled in General Studies, strategically selecting courses he knew […]

Register here: Susie Kennedy torques up student service

Susie Kennedy wants you to register at Lethbridge College. As the institution’s registrar, she will bring to bear all her skills in customer relations to ensure your trip through the portals of post-secondary education is a pleasant and efficient one. And, as a former program leader for the college’s Computer Information Technology program, she understands […]

Massage Therapy- It’s more than just a back rub

If you have experienced a massage you know about the immediate physical benefits – relaxation, pain relief, and the big smiles. But there is a huge difference between an occasional back rub given by a spouse and a 45-minute deep tissue massage by a trained professional. As the costs and inaccessibility of traditional health care […]

North by Northwest Territories

The week before Lethbridge College dispatched Garry Andrews to the Northwest Territories for five days of business training near Inuvik last February, the wind chill was pushing the “high” to -31C and the sun wasn’t rising until 11:13 a.m. Somebody’s retirement plan needs an adjustment. When you sign up as an instructor for Lethbridge College’s […]

Our animal act goes global with

When Alf Hubbard began collecting specimens of Alberta’s wildlife years ago, it’s doubtful he could have envisioned their transition into a global teaching tool. Hubbard’s goal of sharing his vast collection with southern Alberta was realized in 2007 when his family donated it to Lethbridge College. Today, Lethbridge College is sharing it with the world. […]

Our star alumni

Each April, Lethbridge College sends a new crop of students on its way with our best wishes. They have all impressed us with their diligence and thirst for education. We are confident all will succeed in their chosen fields, or course, but every year there are those who leave us possessing something that raises them […]

Hail to the chief – Phil Fontaine

Lethbridge College is set to welcome Phil Fontaine, former National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations, to its campus for its aboriginal graduation dinner. Tracy Edwards, president of Lethbridge College, says Fontaine’s visit is an honour for the college that will underscore the institution’s dedication to its students of aboriginal descent. “We are very […]

College launches the lumber

When Lethbridge College stresses team-building these days, it reinforces the message with paddles. Employees are quickly getting on board with the program. When it launches its own dragonboat this spring, the college will embark on a mission to spread the sport’s ideals and concepts beyond the campus: dragonboating as a metaphor for corporate and community […]

Country roads take her home

When she was a little girl, Annica Pictin would climb into the cab of her dad’s truck and accompany him on bush cruises through the Kootenays. From Cranbrook they’d travel, with her black Lab, Mocha, through some of the most awe-inspiring scenery in Western Canada, often reaching altitudes that spread out the world, eating their […]

ESL in the TLC

College program will help nurses speak the language Diaphoretic, cyanotic, tachycardia: terms that most English speakers do not sprinkle through their everyday conversations, regardless of their language skills. So, imagine someone for whom English is not their first language attempting to learn these terms common to Canadian nurses. Qualified foreign nurses who want to practise […]

Gathering Canadian street creds

When Katerina Shortt entered Russia’s Saint-Petersburg State Architectural and Construction University in 1986, the economy was doing well and finding work wasn’t a problem. Then perestroika hit. “It was good for freedom, but not so good for the economy,” says Shortt, now upgrading her credentials at Lethbridge College. “Nothing was being built.” After eight years […]

‘Bear trainer’ Brad Karren guides Kodiaks to glory

The echo of bouncing basketballs resounds through the Val Matteotti Gymnasium, a chorus punctuated by the squeal of rubber on hardwood and, occasionally, brought to heel by the maestro’s whistle. Brad Karren, coach of the Kodiaks women’s basketball team, is running another practice, this time with playoff intensity. His team is in the post-season – […]