Monthly Archive for September, 2010

Putting their trust in Lethbridge College

First Nations trust officers will soon be investing band funds based on advice from Lethbridge College. When the National Aboriginal Trust Officers Association (NATOA) provides its members across Canada with the skills they need to wisely handle billions of dollars in First Nations investments, it will be using a curriculum made at Lethbridge College. The […]

Q&A: With Lethbridge College’s Green Leadership Office

In the past few months, Lethbridge College’s efforts to increase and promote sustainability on campus have been spearheaded by its Green Leadership Office (GLO), the collective noun for Leona Rousseau and Dave McRae. The two instructors (Rousseau, Interior Design; McRae, Environmental Science) were seconded to carry out a campus sustainability audit and to report their […]

A helping hand for Haiti

When the earthquake struck the Caribbean country in January, many responded with financial aid and boots-on-the-ground assistance. Among the latter was a group from the Blood Tribe, led by paramedic Lan Ngo, a Lethbridge College alumnus. Lan Ngo is at the top of his game. A paramedic, the elite of the emergency medical corps this […]

My perspective: traditional learning or distance learning

Wider Horizons asked: What type of learning do you prefer as a student, traditional learning or distance learning? Nikki Gordon- educational assistant Lethbridge Outreach High School As a single mother of two who works a full-time job with the public school district and a part-time job on weekends in a residential FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum […]

A slice of Kansas

Lethbridge College’s new Kodiak House helps students hone their ‘away game.’ The views from the fifth-floor lounge are outstanding: the green Lethbridge College campus stretching to coulees, the Milk River Ridge and the Rockies. When Kodiak House, the college’s new residence, opened to students in September, it became a home away from home for 100-plus […]

Gas King boss pumps up campaign

Brent Morris decided to celebrate his 25th by opening doors for students. Most folks receive gifts on their 25th anniversaries; Brent Morris decided to give one. The president of Gas King Oil Co. Ltd., long a supporter of Lethbridge College, is making a substantial donation toward the final $1 million of its Kodiak House student […]

Going the distance

Lethbridge College is preparing for the next wave of learners who want their education available 24/7 and don’t particularly enjoy classrooms. When Justin Shigehiro first cracks a textbook at Lethbridge College this month, it’s likely he and other recent high school grads will fully expect any traditional classroom instruction to be spiced by dashes of […]

President’s message

As educators priming our learners for the challenging worlds they’ll find waiting upon graduation, we expect them to climb some pretty steep learning curves during their time with us. We know how they feel: we’re facing some sharp slopes of our own these days. Many of us still have chalk dust embedded in our fingerprints. […]

Trading Spaces

As a centre for innovation, the college’s proposed trades and technologies facility will include a “living” laboratory, focused on developing and teaching innovative ideas and initiatives, many of which will focus on sustainability. Lethbridge College is going back to the drawing board, this time to design a centre of learning in trades, technologies, applied research […]

Where are they now?

Lenora Lynn (Yalowoski) Carriere- Therapeutic Recreation Management ‘81 After successful completion at Lethbridge Community College, I returned to my home province of Manitoba for a few months. I then travelled all over Canada, settling in British Columbia for five years. I met my husband there, and we moved to Alberta in 1986. I have been […]

Widen your horizon

Wider Horizons has supplied readers with insightful tips from Lethbridge College instructors in many previous issues. This edition, we introduce Widen Your Horizon, where our best give their best advice to you. Look for more great tips in future issues. How to write a letter to the editor D’Arcy Kavanagh is a veteran journalist, freelance […]

‘It’s like heaven here’

Refugees come to Canada seeking freedoms Canadians take for granted. Having walked in their shoes, their children are unlikely to become complacent about the democracy they’ve found here. Meet the students in Lethbridge College’s Youth in Transition program. The first thing you notice are the smiles, some tentative, the others fever-bright with the peace of […]

In the eye of the hurricane

With its prowess in wind power, Lethbridge College is helping communities plug in emerging technology to harness this new industry. By now, most of southern Alberta knows of the virtues of wind power. It’s clean, it doesn’t inconveniently run out like fossil fuels, and there are to date no videos of it inking through the […]

In field and stream

Nicole Bach (Environmental Assessment and Restoration ’99) respected the outdoors as a southern Alberta kid. Now she knows how to separate the cows from the fish. Here’s her story. Growing up in Lethbridge so close to the mountains brought out a real love of being outdoors. I had a strong love of biology and chemistry; […]

How to patent your creation

So, you’ve built that better mousetrap, solved the puzzle of perpetual motion, or created the next great Christmas fad. You might want to consider obtaining a patent to protect your invention. First, your creation must meet three criteria: it must be unique, useful and inventive. Beyond that, your imagination is your only restriction. A Canadian patent rewards […]

Hot on the web- There’s a whole new user-friendly look at

Lethbridge College’s desire to interact with the community it serves hasn’t changed since it was founded more than five decades ago. But the technology available to achieve that goal would be unrecognizable to those who opened its doors in 1957. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have dramatically altered the entire concept of social interaction, and the […]

Career Conference 2010

Lethbridge College’s annual event will draw students and employers together for a day of speed-dating Nov. 24. For nearly 30 years, Lethbridge College has brokered an annual fall exchange between its students and employers, the former seeking employment, the latter new, educated talent. Once termed a “fair,” the Lethbridge College Career Conference, one of the […]

At the heart of learning

Books may be on life-support, but with a little rehabilitation, the library will continue to deliver knowledge. Many of those who heard him declare it looked to their seatmates for confirmation they had heard him correctly. There, at a Lethbridge College staff refresher earlier this year, stood futurist Thomas Frey predicting a day was swiftly […]

Pulling up her socks

Instructor Karen Kennedy scores Lethbridge College’s first-ever patent, providing a greater reality for nursing students everywhere. Karen Kennedy has developed an impressive resume during her nursing career: a registered nurse working in a variety of healthcare environments, and obtaining her masters in education to teach in a hospital and school setting. But the co-ordinator of […]