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RECIPE: Chef Mark’s red beet and onion potage

Red Beet and Onion Potage Soup Yield: 8 portions / 200ml each Ingredients 700 gram (1 1/2 lbs) red beets ( fresh) 40 ml (3 TBS) butter 150 gram (medium sized) onion medium dice 1500 ml (6 1/2 cups) chicken stock 150 gram (medium sized) potatoes, small dice To taste salt To taste pepper 500 […]

Widen your Horizons

Your last soufflé resembled something from the kids’ menu at IHOP? Chef Heng Ng (Culinary Careers ’94), now a Culinary Careers instructor and dessert soufflé maestro, is here to dry your tears. Beaten egg whites cause soufflés to rise like cakes, but they are far less stable and fall soon after removed from the oven. […]

Summer school diary

LCI principal Bill Bartlett’s teaching evolution began on Lethbridge College’s campus Bill Bartlett stood in front of the class, a newly minted, government-certified teacher, ready to begin his career imparting knowledge to young, inquiring minds. Slightly older at 24 than most rookies, the result of taking, as he calls it, “the scenic route” through the […]

Undercover Cop

Sean vividly recalls the night, about two years ago, he was hoping to make a drug buy when the suspect with whom he was negotiating suddenly asked him if he was an undercover cop. The target, from Regina, had cocaine to sell, and Sean, sporting a long beard and wearing earrings, was close to making […]

Where are they now?

Richard Dale Huculiak Criminal Justice-Policing ’78 I was employed with Alberta Correctional Services from 1982 to 1989 at the Lethbridge Correctional Centre (security) and Lethbridge Community Corrections (probation/parole officer) before joining the RCMP. I recently completed 21 years of police service (general duty, traffic, crime prevention, gang suppression) in British Columbia and Alberta. I am […]

Same bait, new pond

College recruiters enlist social media to attract students. As a new Lethbridge College employee, Susan Roberts (left) is spending a lot of her time on Facebook. As the institution’s first e-recruiter, she’s paid to. Like any other business, Lethbridge College realizes it must cast its hook where the customers – potential students – are biting. […]

Kodiaks bring their A game

Athletics Manager Bill Dean sees sports as an education. The clock shows 38 seconds left and the Kodiaks on the short end of a 71-68 score. The coach has called time out to discuss strategy in these final few seconds that will either send the Kodiaks to the podium or packing for home. The game […]

Maximum Security

Lethbridge College’s online applied degree program allows Canada’s correctional service personnel to keep working while they enhance their careers. Dana O’Dell has never visited Lethbridge College or even been in the city. Yet O’Dell, a Nova Scotia native who lives in B.C.’s Lower Mainland, is a one of the school’s proud alumni and a vocal promoter […]

A bold boast: our people are our strength

Since taking the reins at Lethbridge College more than five years ago, I’ve become a bit of a braggart. Whether I’m out chatting up the community or negotiating with government, I find myself slipping easily into that mode of talking up the sense of excitement infusing our campus, the programs, research, innovation and, of course […]

With Tanzania traveler Thomas Kuperus

Thomas Kuperus (Corrections ’10) wanted to see Africa, glean a greater cultural awareness and do some good along the way. The third-year Correctional Studies applied-degree student from Coaldale spent four months in Tanzania last summer teaching, building and nurturing. He can’t wait to get back. Wider Horizons: Where, exactly, were you in Tanzania? Thomas Kuperus: […]

Indispensable Scott

Scott Lehbauer is a one-man team. He has perhaps the largest collection of name tags on campus. Since beginning his career at Lethbridge College as a science lab assistant in 2001, Scott has served as a science lab technician, science lab co-ordinator, part- and full-time instructor, and member of the college’s board of governors, serving […]

From parks to Parliament

Wetaskiwin MP Blaine Calkins, Lethbridge College alumnus, finds his Conservation Enforcement diploma comes in handy in his new life in Ottawa. It’s a bit of a distance from working on fisheries experiments in Alberta to sitting in the House of Commons in Ottawa. I guess, however, both encapsulate my lifelong passion for the outdoors and […]

Getting their Irish up- Rollicking Glencoulee keeps students out late

Elsewhere, it’s a typical Monday night in Lethbridge: by 11 p.m. most residents are ending their day to the dying murmur of traffic outside. But across the city inside a quaint little pub, a boisterous crowd is far from sleep in a separate world entirely. Three present and former Lethbridge College instructors are filling the […]

Global Warming- Lethbridge opens its doors to the world’s students

Phil Harttrup can’t seem to keep his feet on the ground these days. As director of Lethbridge College’s English Language Centre, his passport bears customs stamps from a host of countries Lethbridge College has targeted as potential recruitment hot spots. Students from South America to Asia are looking for overseas educational experiences, and Harttrup is […]

Great expectations

Students often encounter overwhelming pressure to succeed. When the questions come, Lethbridge College counsellors listen. They should number their days on campus among the happiest of their lives, a time to slough the restrictions of childhood and prepare for the adult world and careers that wait beyond. For many post-secondary learners campus life entails a […]

Field offices

With presence in three more communities, Lethbridge College is making its programs more accessible Something is taking place between the fall rye and the spring wheat out in the rural areas of southern Alberta: adult learning. Long a presence in Fort Macleod, Lethbridge College acquired campuses in Claresholm, Crowsnest Pass and Pincher Creek from the […]

‘A little Mozart with your steak?’

Southern Albertans are a deprived bunch when it comes to choices in potato varieties. They have for years been eating the equivalent of plonk wine slurped from a plastic cup. As it turns out, potato connoisseurs consider the ubiquitous Russet Norkotah, served baked in finer restaurants throughout the region, to be on a par with […]

A word or 2

Wider Horizons asked alumnus Jordan Brown (Hotel and Resort Management ’04), general manager of The Movie Mill, to share a word or two on movies. If you see only one movie from the last 12 months, it should be: Inception. When I watch a movie, my snack of choice is: M&M Peanuts. In the last […]

Be the cowboy, not the cow

Facebook branding requires a little common sense Employers are sneaky. You present them with professional cover letters, resumes and references to show off your skills; they resort to surfing Facebook and other social media to get a more robust picture of your character. And there are likely other tools they will use to research job […]

Cooking up Alberta- Lethbridge College bags local groceries

Mark Dieser is a smart shopper. He buys fresh, he buys local and he buys in bulk. When was the last time you met someone who bought enough cucumbers in four months to reach from goal line to goal line of a football field? Canadian field, no less. That’s Chef Mark. As an instructor in […]