Monthly Archive for November, 2011

Widen Your Horizon

At first, finding good child care might seem more daunting than pregnancy and childbirth itself – but it doesn’t have to be. Tobi Horon, manager of the Lethbridge College Daycare and grad of Early Childhood Education ‘99, says there are a few things you can do to make the task easier – and then rest […]

Wildlife CSI: Canada

A theme song by The Who blasts through the hallways. Are we in Las Vegas, Miami or New York? Lethbridge College actually, and there really isn’t a theme song, but this wildlife crime scene investigation seminar is certainly worthy of one. For the first time in Canada, 25 fish and wildlife enforcement officers received training […]

Celebrating Friendship: This group has weathered two decades

With sun, sand and cold beverages, the Mayan Riviera was the perfect spot for Lana Ulbricht-Miller, Richard Miller, David O’Callaghan, Adrien Chartier and Bruce Cole to celebrate two decades of friendship. They soaked up every last ray of sunshine as they reminisced about the 20 plus years that had passed since they left Lethbridge College […]

Q & A: Jim Mitchell

Alberta Fish and Wildlife recently donated a unique mount displaying two bears, a grizzly and a black bear, to Lethbridge College. Jim Mitchell (Renewable Resource Management ‘80), superintendent of Fish and Wildlife, Enforcement Field Services, Prairie Area – Lethbridge and Lethbridge College alumnus, explains how the bear mount found its way to the college and […]

President’s Message

At Lethbridge College, you could say that we are our own self-contained small city. If we count credit and non-credit students, faculty and staff, our little metropolis exceeds 15,000 people. . . to give you a sense of size, we’re pretty much twice as big as Taber! We are not, however, an insular constituency. Although […]

Is Our Answer Blowing in the Wind?

Members of the International Wind Energy Academy (IWEA) at Lethbridge College stand in front of a group of eager children. Eight college instructors are brimming with enthusiasm as they prepare to share their passion for wind energy with their young pupils. It’s the first year for the IWEA Wind Energy Youth Camp and it’s hard […]

My Life: Pointed in the Right Direction

Students make their way to post-secondary by various routes. Caleb Jones crossed the country to achieve his goals. “I saw javelin for the first time in 2007 and I won the under-17 Canadians in 2008,” says Lethbridge College student Caleb Jones. “I’ve been lucky. I’ve come into it pretty quickly.” That’s an understatement. Jones advanced […]

Making a Difference

One person can make the difference in the lives of our children. Billy Jo Woitte makes her difference to many every school day. The young crowd at St. Francis Junior High wiggles in their seats. There is a lull between performers at the school talent show as the next act sets up. Soon, the captivating […]

Lost in Translation

Picture this: You’re at a football game. The lights are blaring overhead, the crowd is chanting and cheering around you. The ball is in play, soaring through the air in a perfect spiral. The wide receiver is in position, ready to seize the ball and run. You watch with bated breath. As the leather of […]

Thank you to all 2010-11 Lethbridge College donors

Generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need. –Khalil Gibran 1115247 Alberta Inc. 1359935 Alberta Ltd. 1410077 Alberta Ltd. 1442150 Alberta Ltd. 4 Seasons Home Comfort 929198 Alberta Ltd. A & B Farms Ltd. A & C Stinnissen Enterprises Ltd. Access to the Future Tom & Deb Ackerman […]

Art Ferrari

When asked to describe Lethbridge resident Art Ferrari, friends don’t hesitate to say he was a charismatic and proud north-side Italian Catholic who made you feel like you were the most important person in the world. Ferrari, 63, passed away July 30 at his home in Lethbridge. A principal at Ferrari Westwood Babits Architects, Art […]

Connecting the Dots

Life has its twists and turns, and for the most part, things come together as they should – if we only put the pieces together. Decked out in Lethbridge College garb, Vicki Charge prepares to board the last connecting flight from Calgary to Lethbridge. After another successful meeting, she’s eager to share news on what’s […]

A Gift and a Memory

The Lethbridge Regional Police Service (LRPS) has made a $6,640 donation to Lethbridge College’s Kodiak House. Chief Tom McKenzie (Criminal Justice ‘76) says the LRPS had started down the road of making a donation some time ago, but after the death of Constable Sheldon Twigg, the monetary gift became a priority – the perfect way […]

RECIPE: Kaiserschmarren

This dessert is simple, yet the Kaiser of Austria Joseph enjoyed it very much. The first time it was served the waiter dropped the plate causing the beautiful one piece pancake to fall into several pieces and become a “schmarren” or mess. The dessert was still served and the Kaiser loved it so it was […]

Everyone Wins

Competitors working together seems like a foreign concept, but in this case, everyone wins On April 27, 2011, the Lethbridge and District Auto Dealers Association (LADA) unveiled a donation plan that would generate $1 million in support of the new Trades and Technology Renewal and Innovation Project, a component of Lethbridge College’s campus developmental plan. […]

A Word or Two

Wider Horizons asked alumna Tonya Woolford (Communication Arts – Broadcast Journalism ’06), Executive Director of the Lethbridge Food Bank, to share a word or two on life. What type of food is most needed at the Lethbridge Food Bank at any given time? Any staple food What’s your favourite canned food? French Cut Green Beans!! […]

An Austrian Recipe for Knowledge

The kitchen at the Panhans Hotel in Semmering, Austria, is a flurry of activity. Mitchell D’Agnone’s attention is keenly focused on Chef Alfred as he expertly guides his new pupils through a series of remarkable cooking maneuvers. With his cliché kitchen personality (loud, obnoxious and strangely charming), the seasoned chef has enough stories to entertain […]

Rebuilding a Lifetime

In the early morning hours of May 15, 2011, as the fires raged through the town of Slave Lake, Alberta, no one could have predicted the devastation and destruction those flames would leave behind. Nor could they have foreseen the overwhelming strength of human spirit that would rise up in support during those darkest of […]

Wider Horizons asked:‘What does it take to be a great teacher?’

D’Arcy Kavanagh Communication Arts 2011 LCFA/SA Teaching Excellence Award I have an interest in sharing enthusiasm. I’ve never had an individual class that I didn’t want to walk into, was excited to walk into. Every day you go in you owe it to your students to bring the passion. Every instructor should feel excited and […]