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Where are they now? Winter 2013

New baby? New job? New hometown? Tell your classmates all about it by emailing Be sure to include your name, your program or area of study, the year you completed your program, and a little bit about what you have been doing since you left Lethbridge College. We can’t wait to hear from you. […]

A Word or Two: Parker Wood and Riley Anderson

Wider Horizons asked Parker Wood and Riley Anderson (Business Administration, 2012), owners of a portable pork pit that travelled to 15 venues last summer, to share a word or two on the savoury and stimulating aspects of building your own small business. Wood and Anderson took advantage of the college’s 2+2 agreements and are adding […]

Widen your horizon: Social media and small business

In the wake of the inaugural Social in the South conference held this October at Lethbridge College, small businesses and entrepreneurs are wising up online with social web tools to sell, listen and engage more effectively with their customers. Lethbridge College Social Media Specialist Rod Leland, who helped organize and spoke at the conference, gathered […]

It’s a Family Affair: The Quinns

There are eight members of the Quinn family and all of them have attended Lethbridge College at some point in their lives. Cyrena, the oldest of the six Quinn siblings, says she loved her time at the college because of the student-oriented atmosphere. “They really care about the students,” she says. “The first week of […]

My life: When the partners are also the parents (and brothers and sisters)

Diane Stringam Tolley (Journalism ’75) was born and raised on one of the last of the large old cattle ranches in southern Alberta. Her life now is about writing stories – her stories. *** There is something very special about being raised on a ranch– something about being close enough to the land to breathe […]

News and Notes: January 2013

College receives $100,000 gift from Headwater Equipment A $100,000 gift given by Headwater Equipment to Lethbridge College in October illustrates the ongoing support the college maintains with its industry partners as well as the value placed on trades and on training the workforce of the future. The gift will support the college’s Trades and Technology […]

Partnership Roundup

Partnerships can be found in every part of Lethbridge College – with the community, with industry, with other educational institutions, with government, with volunteer organizations and beyond. The stories and photos in this issue of Wider Horizons highlight just a few of the college’s ongoing partnerships, and we hope you’ve enjoyed reading about them. The […]

Barrier-free fun: Recreation therapists help seniors access and adapt activities to achieve health and wellness.

Some days, Megan Orr gets paid to play cards. Other days, going to work means going to garden. And then there are the days that she earns her paycheque through pet therapy, or shuffleboard, or a host of other activities designed to help senior citizens maintain or improve their cognitive, social, physical or emotional abilities. […]

CYC: Partnerships key to effective Child and Youth Care recruitment.

Local employers who are a part of Lethbridge College’s Child and Youth Care Advisory Committee came to a meeting last year with a problem. They didn’t have enough men, immigrants or First Nations, Métis and Inuit people working in the field. So they asked if the college could help. The college said yes – and […]

Partners in print: Western Canadian Game Warden magazine relies on experience, expertise of Lethbridge College alumni, faculty and students.

Some of the best times Lindsey Leko remembers from his days as a student in Lethbridge College’s Environmental Science program were the field trips – even if it meant prying himself out of bed at three in the morning in the middle of a blizzard to watch a sharptailed and sage grouse dancing ground while […]

Need grounding in grammar? There’s an app for that.

Lethbridge College English and writing instructor Lance Semak has recently joined forces with two computer scientists to create smartphone applications for the classroom. The first mission of Semak, Ben Burnett and Chris Sanden is to make the learning of grammar less dry, more likely to stick, and maybe, just maybe, more fun. The outcome of […]

My Perspective: How did your practicum experience lead to your full-time job after college?

Rebecca Mercer earned her Multimedia Production diploma in 2005. Originally from North Battleford, Sask., she spent four months working as a media specialist at the college and started working fulltime in that same position a year later. “I was one of the 11 students from the Multimedia Production program who applied to and was accepted […]

Austrian chefs in Lethbridge kitchens

The Mocha Cabana dining room is full of guests waiting for an out-of-country dining experience in their own backyard. In the kitchen, an Austrian chef works alongside the executive chef, infusing her European techniques with those she’s learning in Canada while on an exchange program at Lethbridge College. As Mocha Cabana’s patrons enjoy their meals, […]

From our kitchens: Sacher Torte

To bring a taste of Vienna into your kitchen and onto your table, try this recipe for Austria’s most famous dessert – Sacher Torte. The original recipe dates to 1832, when Austrian Prince Wenzel von Metternich asked his personal chef to make a memorable dessert for some very important guests. But the head chef was […]

Living + laughing + loving = their recipe for success

The first thing you notice when Betty van der Lee and Allen Clampitt are together is how much they laugh. Whether they are talking about their love for winter camping or what’s for dinner, the two Lethbridge College culinary colleagues and long-time companions seem to live their lives proving Charlie Chaplin’s argument that “a day […]

In awe of algae: When industry and higher education work together, science and students benefit.

Some of the world’s most pressing problems are being solved right now, on the fourth floor of the state-of-the-art Cousins Building at Lethbridge College, in the most unassuming of places – petri dishes. Inside those petri dishes are different strains of algae, the efficient organisms that can be grown in ponds, seawater, saltwater, freshwater and […]

Q&A with Stephanie Wierl

Wider Horizons asked Stephanie Wierl, Projects Coordinator at Lethbridge College’s Be Fit for Life Centre, to share her thoughts on health, fitness, families and fun. Wierl is one of the organizers of MEND (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition, Do It!), a 10-week program offered with Alberta Health Services that is for children aged five to 13 and […]

Scoring position: Partnership between college and Prairie Baseball Academy sets students up for academic and athletic success

Baseball is more than a game. College is more than a class. And the 50 or so young men who are part of Lethbridge’s Prairie Baseball Academy and who attend Lethbridge College get to experience the truth of both of these statements each year. At the end of their time on the field and on […]

Poetry, pop culture and pucks: College and Hurricanes join forces to make education work around ice time, road trips and research paper deadlines

Monday morning arrives and they shuffle slowly into class, baseball caps on and book bags in hand. They look tired, but are ready to learn the lessons planned by their instructor that day. Their exhaustion can’t be blamed on the usual weekend escapades of young college students though. For this group of 16 men, Friday […]

From seals to the south: Meet FNMI’s new Inuk elder

Christina Tikivik-Sherman, the new Inuk elder at Lethbridge College, finds herself thinking of home when she sees the blue of the prairie sky and the coulees rolling like waves on Frobisher Bay. Aside from this, she says that southern Alberta, with its landscape of tans, browns and greens and its hunters seeking deer or elk […]

Ready to hit the ground running: Dr. Paula Burns, new President and CEO, sees countless opportunities for innovation at Canada’s first public college.

Dr. Paula Burns had much to take in when she made her first trip to Lethbridge last fall – and she noticed it all. She saw a vibrant college where people seemed genuinely happy to be at work and in class, a growing city that is home to an increasingly diverse population, and mountains that […]

President’s message

I’d like to start by wishing a happy new year to all of the readers of Wider Horizons. The last year has been a time of change and transition at the college, but we have moved forward without missing a beat thanks to the solid plans and strong leadership we have at so many levels […]