This land is our land: College alumni transforming the Canadian labour landscape


Wherever you go in Canada – from Port de Grave on the Atlantic to Vancouver Island on the Pacific – you can find Lethbridge College alumni doing influential and interesting work.

Some of them have built on a dream that started during their college years – taking a final semester design project and turning it into reality, in one case. Others have found great success in their fields, but then intrepidly left it behind to return to school and embrace new challenges.

Whether they are reporting the news, investigating criminal cases or preparing a five-course meal in a four-star restaurant, these grads are contributing to their communities and are leaders in their professions, often drawing on the skills and experiences they learned first as students at the college.

In the following pages, you’ll get to read about a few of our remarkable grads living and working in communities across the country. It is just a small sampling of a much larger group; with more than 25,000 alumni scattered around the world, the influence of Lethbridge College alumni can be found in every province and territory, in small hamlets and large cities, in small start-up companies and large corporations.

If you know an alumnus doing interesting, unusual or influential work in any part of the world, just drop us note or send an email to to share that story. We love hearing from you.

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