Where are they now: The teacher (or class) who changed my life



Wider Horizons asked readers to send us their stories about the teacher or class that made a difference in their lives. If you’d like to share your story about an amazing teacher, email WHMagazine@lethbridgecollege.ca.

Elaine Conrad, Office Administration

Elaine Conrad is a very great instructor. I had her for a number of classes, and right from the start I liked her. You could tell she liked her students and if they needed help with something, she was always there when they needed her. She would also come to every class with a smile on her face. From what I remember, every class of hers that I was in, she would always make the class enjoyable. What I would say about Mrs. Conrad is that she is truly dedicated to her job as a teacher and you can see that dedication in her work as a teacher and in her students as well. I’d like to thank her for being an amazing teacher.

  • Submitted by Erica Nichols, Administrative Office Professional 2014


Sharie Cousins, Environmental Sciences instructor

“Sharie was a professor, but she was also an honest, caring individual. She had an open door policy, as do a vast number of professors at Lethbridge College, and she genuinely cared about her student’s success, in both their personal and professional lives. Sharie was also very modest, and it wasn’t until her passing (in March 2016) that I realized she was the second female officer hired by Alberta Fish and Wildlife. Sharie could go on for days telling stories of her amazing experiences with Alberta’s Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Branch. Sharie and I both have a profound love for horses and on one day, in my second year of studies, she told me that with this amazing career (her former career with natural resource enforcement) you could have the opportunity to ride horse back in the mountains to conduct compliance checks. What a dream job and an inspiration that stuck with me. She was truly inspiring, and my only regret is that we didn’t have the opportunity to ride together, but I think of her every time I am in the mountains with a pack string, both for work and pleasure.”

  • Submitted by Heather Sywanyk, Renewable Resource Management and Conservation Enforcement – Bachelor of Applied Science 2011


Don Lee – Criminal Justice

Don made class fun every day. He always had a lighthearted, easygoing demeanor that helped the students feel engaged in the subject matter. It was very apparent he knew his material inside and out. I always felt comfortable that I was learning from the best. Don has a wealth of knowledge in the subjects he taught, especially traffic enforcement. There are several skills and tips I learned from Don that I use every day in my law enforcement career. Don genuinely cares about his students achieving every career goal they have set and would do what he can to help. In my experience, Don went the extra mile with his students both during their college experience and after graduation. Don has always been more than willing to help his students in any way he can, even in retirement. I would say thank you to Don for genuinely caring.

  • Submitted by Nat Collins, Criminal Justice – Policing 2008


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