People make the place


Whether they were founders, builders, alumni, faculty, staff or students, it is people who made Lethbridge College what it has been for the last six decades, and it is people who make it what it is today and what it will be in the decades to come.

Lethbridge College at 60 If you gathered up the 4,000 students, 35,000 alumni and thousands of people who have worked at Lethbridge College over the years, a couple of things would happen. First, you’d likely have a VERY good party. And second, the story swapping that would occur would be nonstop.

There would be stories about the early days, of the hard work and dedication called on to establish Canada’s first publicly-funded community college. There would be tales of what it took to build the programs that the college is known for today. There would be different accounts of sporting successes over the decades – of overtime wins and banners brought back to the Val Matteotti Gymnasium – and likely lots of laughter about times spent together after class (most often in The Barn).

There would be talk of teachers who made a difference, and colleagues who helped shape careers. There would be reports on rising stars, and inspiring accounts of the current students who are sure to be the leaders of tomorrow. There would be stories for, from and about each of tens of thousands of people who have a connection to the college, stories that would illustrate how people truly make a place. The following pages offer just a sampling.

We encourage you to share your Lethbridge College stories by emailing or posting it on social media using the hashtag #LC1957. We can’t wait to hear them all.

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