What’s the big idea? An introduction


 Sixty ideas – large and small – to celebrate Lethbridge College’s 60 years of leading and transforming education in Alberta

Ideas are essential to the life and legacy of Lethbridge College. Ideas illuminate. Ideas lead to innovation. They come from everything. And our capacity to create and understand them is part of what makes us human.

Ideas are central to the purpose and people who are tied to Lethbridge College, an institution rooted in an inspiring history of embracing big ideas and committed to a future of fostering new and innovative ones.

This issue of Wider Horizons is dedicated to the ideas – both large and small – that have been launched from, discovered at or embraced by Lethbridge College, in its past, present and future. Earlier in this anniversary year, Wider Horizons 2017 featured 60 meaningful Lethbridge College places and 60 memorable Lethbridge College people. The following pages contain a discussion of 60 Lethbridge College ideas – in-depth discussion of six “big ideas,” followed by 54 lesser-known aspects of the college’s story. These insights and bits of inspiration are a diverse mix of thoughts, facts, concepts, plans, purposes and philosophies that have distinguished the college in the past and set it on its course for the future.

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