On the Mark: With Matthew Jubelius


In 2015, Lethbridge College nursing grad Matthew Jubelius created Amoveo Training. “It’s an employee development company that focuses on engaging, growing and retaining people,” he explains. “We work with our clients to solve their business needs and provide a host of development solutions.”

The company, which is based out of Medicine Hat and is active in B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan, offers custom-built, immersive experiences addressing any and all business needs across various industries.

For example, Matthew says “working with the healthcare sector, we can design an immersive experience which can simulate a car accident, or an emergency scenario. We also offer a product line of reusable simulated wounds, which increase the reality of healthcare, military and safety training. These customized products are so realistic, I now tend to warn people before I show them.”

Matthew describes his experience at Lethbridge College as life-changing and one of the best decisions he ever made. “Post-secondary education provided me the ability to think differently and offered opportunities in order to achieve my dreams,” he says.

He got his start at the University of Alberta in 2003, returned to Lethbridge College as a nursing student in 2004, and completed his diploma in 2006. He says his Lethbridge College mentors and instructors were significant in his life, and adds that he remains grateful for people like Norrie Fuller, Scott Lehbauer and David Sapriken.

After graduating, Matthew was accepted into the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit at the University of Alberta Hospital as a registered nurse. Since then, he has had numerous roles including general systems intensive care nursing, educating nurses in the practical nurse and registered nurse programs, and post-secondary management.

As for advice for others seeking a similar career path? “Think about your future; plan, and work for it,” he says. “Develop a sense of work ethic that will make you proud. Make forward-thinking decisions. I cannot emphasize the value of mentors enough. Find mentors throughout your life; each one will have different significance. And of course, never stop learning.”

Matthew has been happily married to Siobhan since 2013 and he can be reached through www.amoveotraining.ca.

Mark Campbell (Communication Arts ’75) shares the stories of fellow Lethbridge College alumni. To read more interviews by Mark, visit his blog: greetergrammer1.wordpress.com.

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