What’s the big idea? 60 great Lethbridge College ideas


There are lots of big ideas tied to the college, including the six shared on the previous pages, and even more that are smaller but still meaningful. Some of these ideas have changed lives. Some of them make us smile. Some of them just might change the world.

Lethbridge College…

7. is situated on traditional Blackfoot territory.

8. was founded as an extension of the University of Alberta.

9. was the first publicly-funded community college in Canada.

10. is the birthplace of the University of Lethbridge (and happy 50th to our friends across the river!).

11. has hosted a vibrant New Student Orientation for 20 years.

12. celebrated the 40th anniversary of its LEO club this year, a volunteer organization comprised of Criminal Justice students who work to give back to the community.

13. offers 56 different certificate, diploma, apprenticeship and applied degree programs.

14. was the first educational institution in Canada to use a computer to facilitate administrative decisions in April 1972.

15. has sporting teams that have won 57 ACAC championship titles…

16. … and 12 CCAA national championship titles…

17. …and 49 students have been named CCAA Academic All Canadians.

18. has the only BMO machine in Canada that gives out $10 bills (this may be a campus myth – but have YOU seen any other BMO machines that only give out tens?).

19. is focused on leading and transforming education in Alberta.

20. hosts the annual Tiffin Conference which brings together some of the greatest minds in agriculture.

21. welcomes international students from more than 50 countries.

22. has formal exchanges with post-secondary institutions in France, Finland and Korea.

23. is home to a realistic-looking courtroom complete with wood panelled walls, a leather-lined judge’s bench and a witness stand, which is used by Criminal Justice students for scenario-based training.

24. used to have a roller rink in the building now known as The Barn.

25. relies on industry members on advisory committees to help shape curriculum.

26. sends students out to real-world workplaces for practicums, internships and applied research projects.

27. raises fish and vegetables on campus in the Aquaculture Centre of Excellence.

28. has a functional aquaponics operation in the basement of the Cousins building.

29. hosts a “mock disaster” each spring for students in the Criminal Justice, Health, and Digital Communications and Media programs to learn in a real-life crisis.

30. starts its Convocation ceremony with bagpipes and drums and ends it with music selected by graduating students.

31. introduced its first Honour Song, written and performed by Julius and Troy Delaney, during the 2017 Convocation.

32. relies on its staff members to bring in friendly dogs for students to visit during finals in the “Doggy De-Stress Room”.

33. is home to one of Canada’s largest collections of full-body taxidermy mammals, most of which are native to Alberta, in the Hubbard Collection.

34. gives out cheques for more than $1,400 each month (and sets the same amount aside for Student Awards) as part of its Pay It Forward 50-50 draw.

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