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ON THE MARK: with Ryan Pace, Nursing Education in Southwestern Alberta

Growing up in Fernie, B.C., Ryan Pace had a lot of interest in science, biology and how the human body works. That interest led to a career in nursing. Ryan spent the first two years of his nursing degree at Lethbridge College, which he describes as phenomenal. He was able to meet some lifelong friends […]

It’s a family affair: the Pocza family

Terry Pocza, General Business Administration 1975 Delorey Pocza Hagel, Business Administration – Accounting 1983 Rod Pocza, General Business Administration 1975, Distinguished Alumnus 2002 Harvie Pocza, Business Administration 1985 ** When alumni of Lethbridge College are asked to describe their experiences at college, they often give a fairly standard reply: They loved the atmosphere of the […]

News and notes

Burns named to city and national organizations Lethbridge College President and CEO Dr. Paula Burns has been appointed to two important new roles. In March, she was named the Economic Development Lethbridge (EDL) board chair for the 2016 term, and in June, she was elected to the national Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) board of […]

Generosity for the generations

This spring, the college approached the brink of its $25 million fundraising goal thanks to the generosity of five local companies and organizations that donated more than $1 million in cash, technology and equipment in recent months. These companies – D.A. Building Systems, the Lethbridge Construction Association, Simpson Plumbing, Timber Tech Truss and Western Tractor […]

Where are they now: The teacher (or class) who changed my life

  Wider Horizons asked readers to send us their stories about the teacher or class that made a difference in their lives. If you’d like to share your story about an amazing teacher, email Elaine Conrad, Office Administration Elaine Conrad is a very great instructor. I had her for a number of classes, and […]

Portraits of our people

Wider Horizons put out a call this spring for faculty and staff members to pass along the names of colleagues who make a difference in their lives and in their jobs. The short stories and photos on the following pages reflect just a small sliver of the hundreds of talented, thoughtful, and hard-working members of […]

Lethbridge College Legacies: Georiga Green Fooks

“I feel like you owe something to your community for living here. There’s a debt you owe your community.” Such was the response from Georgia Green Fooks when asked about the contributions she made to Lethbridge and southern Alberta and why she worked so hard and volunteered for so many organizations. Fooks became an instructor […]

Q&A with Allen Ledyit and Penny Balfour


Lethbridge College Child and Youth Care instructor Allen Ledyit was getting ready for church on May 8 when he got the call. Could he join the Canadian Red Cross’s effort helping some of the 88,000 evacuees who had been forced to flee the horrific fires around Fort McMurray? He said yes, of course. He was […]

Grads on our grounds: with Richard Martinell

This isn’t the first time Richard Martinell, a 1981 graduate of the college’s Carpentry Apprenticeship program, has returned to work at the campus where he started to learn his trade. In the early 1980s, he was one of the tradespeople involved in building Centre Core and, more than three decades after he worked to construct […]

From our kitchens: Vegetarian Moroccan Tagine

This slow-cooked Moroccan stew is the ideal way to showcase some of fall’s most luscious flavours. Called a tagine, the dish is named after the cone-shaped earthenware pot in which it is cooked. The base of the ceramic earthenware pot is wide and shallow, and the tall lid fits snugly inside. As the tagine cooks, […]

Where are they now

2016 Jonathan Guignard, Digital Communications and Media Jonathan is a new reporter at the Westwind Weekly News in Magrath. He is a huge Toronto Blue Jays and Toronto Raptors fan and looks forward to covering the news of southern Alberta.   John Manyok, General Studies Sam Mathon, General Studies John and Sam, two recent graduates […]

The Ellis effect: Dr. Faron Ellis and the Citizen Society research lab

Formal social science research methods classes don’t typically have students bubbling with excitement. But for those who have sat in Dr. Faron Ellis’ classroom, they say it’s inevitable. The brain behind the Citizen Society Research Lab and recipient of two teaching excellence awards, Ellis doesn’t give off the impression of a stuffy academic. His gravelly […]

Whistling while he works

You’ll often hear Clarence Slomp coming before you see him. His cheerful whistling has echoed through the hallways and stairwells of Lethbridge College for almost 35 years. “It’s nice and relaxing,” says Slomp as he hustles up a flight of stairs in the Paterson building. “Sometimes there’s a lot of stress in this place, but […]

News and notes: Alumnus presents a gift fit for a queen

Matthew Quilley (Criminal justice 2007) has made three tours throughout North America and Europe during the four years he has spent with the RCMP’s Musical Ride. “But I can say without a doubt that the Royal Windsor Horse Show in England is the most memorable place I will have ever shown,” he said. “It helps […]

Editor’s message

The teacher who changed my life failed me on my first writing assignment. It was in a class called Feature Writing taught by the inestimable Wilmot Ragsdale. At the time, Rags (as everyone called him) was in his late 70s. He had flunked out after his first year at university in his hometown of Tacoma, […]

Lethbridge College legacies: Gilbert Paterson

“As a member of this board for 27 years and as the prime mover in the formation of the Lethbridge Junior College he made education opportunity possible for generations of southern Alberta youths. As a man he made us all a little better just because he was with us.” – Lethbridge Public School Board “[O]ne […]

News and notes: Kodiaks

Women’s basketball team celebrates provincial medal The Lethbridge College Kodiaks women’s basketball team finished its season with a bang, cruising to a 91-61 win over Lakeland College in the ACAC provincial bronze medal game in March in Vermilion. It was a redemption effort for the Kodiaks, who saw their undefeated season and shot at a […]

News and notes

First in Canada: College signs AGCO agreement Lethbridge College is the first postsecondary institute in Canada to sign an AGCO Advantage Partnership agreement with AGCO Corporation and Hanlon Ag Centre Ltd. The multi-faceted, non-exclusive partnership was signed in January and announced in March. AGCO is a global leader in the design, manufacturing and distribution of […]

News and notes: KB Plumbing and Heating invests $100,000 in college’s future

KB Plumbing and Heating, a partner of Lethbridge College in numerous projects over many years, is once again showing its commitment to the college with a $100,000 multi-faceted gift. The gift is pledged to benefit three major areas. The first supports the college’s new trades and technologies facility. A classroom in phase two of the […]

On the Mark: with Sherri Gallant (Communication Arts 1986)

Mark Campbell (Communication Arts 1975) shares the stories of fellow Lethbridge College alumni Sherri Gallant graduated in 1986 from what was then called the Communication Arts program at Lethbridge College. She says that the college courses and her work on the Endeavour each week set her up nicely as a way to hit the ground […]

Grads on our grounds: with Chuck Wynder

It’s been three decades since Chuck Wynder came to Lethbridge College in the Carpentry Apprenticeship program, and he still remembers some of those first lessons. As a transfer student in the second year of his four-year program, he spent his first year at the college focused on framing. “Third year was concrete and fourth year […]

It’s a family affair: The Harbers Family

Greg Harbers, his wife Brenda, and their children Jessica, Pam and Justin, all have a connection to Lethbridge College. Greg still applies the knowledge he gained from the Ag Mechanics course to run a successful dairy farm. Brenda worked for two years in day care before taking Early Childhood Education to, as she puts it, […]

Enviro-span: Researcher studies eco-friendly culvert system designed by college instructor that minimizes habitat impact, maximizes economic opportunities

Lethbridge College researcher John Derksen and his students are studying an environmentally friendly, modular culvert system suitable for use in parks, trails and ecologically sensitive areas. Results of their study so far show that the system, which was designed by Environmental Sciences instructor Ron Hammerstedt, can be installed with minimal impact to the natural environment […]

Q&A with Jena Murray

After designing and creating an outfit for Montreal Fashion Week and interning for Anna Sui in New York City during her days as a student, Jena Murray (Fashion Design and Marketing 2014) graduated and got to work, building a business from the ground up and successfully launching an Indiegogo campaign last year to support her […]

From our kitchens: Nut and citrus tilapia with sauce Provencale

Every semester, students in the Lethbridge College Culinary program showcase their skills using the region’s best locally-grown or produced food at various lunches, dinners and celebrations. From Broek Pork to Broxburn tomatoes to produce and eggs from Galimax Trading (whose part-owner, Cornelius Mans, is a 2013 Business Administration grad of the college), a foodie doesn’t […]

Carole Gemer: A behind-the-scenes builder who “has a feel for what sports are all about”

It was the late 1950s in Lethbridge, and Carole Gemer’s (Business Education 1963) good friend was trying out for track for a new track team. Gemer decided to go along. “I had asthma, so I always had a hard time running,” says Gemer, who was in high school at the time. “So they said, ‘okay, […]

Scott Groves: Lethbridge’s own destination holiday house sparkles and shines

The skilful art of strategically hanging 14,000 twinkling lights programmed to a soundtrack of epic proportions is not for the faint of heart, but for one fearless family man, it’s been his legacy to Lethbridge. What started out as a fun way to spend quality time with his family has developed into an eight-year-long adventure […]

Randy Dunlop: Car dealer’s giving nature a case of learning by example

Hot summer days and fast cars go hand-in-hand for many young men. In that respect, Randy Dunlop (Bachelor of Applied Arts honorary degree 2016) is not unique. It’s how much time he spent around vehicles that sets him apart. “As a kid I always worked at the dealership in the summertime,” remembers Dunlop. “I always […]

Armond Duck Chief: Business Administration alumnus reaches for top of the charts

The gritty worlds of rodeo and playing music often collide in the life of steer wrestler and Juno-nominated country musician, Armond Duck Chief. Long days on the road and weekends spent in dusty arenas and grimy bars seem to complement each other quite well, and chasing gold buckle dreams and writing about his experiences in […]

Where are they now

2015 Francesca V. Adams       Business Administration – Marketing    Francesca is currently a student expecting to graduate this year from Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland through the 2+2 program the Lethbridge College provided.   2015 Colby R. McKee                Communication Arts – Broadcast Journalism    Colby sent in this update last summer: “I completed my school […]

Lost boys, found men: From civil war in Sudan to the classrooms and convocation stage at Lethbridge College

Part I: Introduction It seems like a simple question: “So…how old were you when all of this started?” But the answer is complex, much like the lives John Manyok and Samuel Mathon have led since being forced by violence to leave their villages in south Sudan in the late 1980s, fighting as child soldiers in […]

Theresa Yauck and David Cocks: College grads concoct new and exciting designs for city’s newest brewery

After years of designing and tinkering, the opening of a new building is reason to lift a glass for architects and designers. That drink tastes a little smoother though when served inside a brewery you designed. “I started by researching the brewing process and how beer is made,” says David Cocks (Engineering Design and Drafting […]

Tales of the windy city

Mapping some of the Lethbridge College people who live, work, study, perform and create in southern Alberta’s sunniest (and breeziest) burg The City of Lethbridge has a rich and rollicking history – but it’s the people who make it really remarkable. The city counts as its own famous artists, actors, athletes and flying aces as […]

Where are they now: Two students and a baby

  When Omar Kadir (General Studies 2005) and his wife Sandy walked in to their chemistry lab on the first floor in the corner classroom of the Andrews building in 2003, they were unaware that this would be not only a room of learning, but also a room of love. Meeting your future spouse while […]

Tera-Beth Ann Gausvik: New grad “actualizes amazing ideas” while building her fashion business

For Tera-Beth Ann Gausvik (Fashion Design and Sustainable Production 2016), the best moment of her work in the college’s Fashion Design and Sustainable Production program comes at the end – when she finishes a garment or project and can sit back and look at it. “The struggle in learning the process and then putting it […]

Henny Bruised Head and Chelsea Low Rider: Bringing farming back to the Blood Tribe

Sprouting from a need to fuel her beloved horses with the right nutrition, Henny Bruised Head (Blood Tribe Agricultural Training Initiative 2015) enrolled in the unique agricultural initiative between the Blood Tribe and Lethbridge College in January of 2015. Bruised Head joined a movement spearheaded by the largest reserve in Canada to actively take steps forward to secure the future […]

Editor’s message

We have had a lot of fun working on this, the Lethbridge issue of Wider Horizons. I am especially excited about our cover story featuring the lives and experiences of two soon-to-be graduates, John Manyok and Samuel Mathon. John and Sam came to the college as mature students looking for post-secondary education to open doors […]

Sarah Jorgensen: A tactical approach to serving the community

As students stride by Sarah Jorgensen (Information Specialist/Office Assistant 2000) in Centre Core, the clothes one of them is wearing catches her eye. “Those came from our store,” she says with a smile. “They are so comfortable.” The student was wearing a uniform purchased at Lethbridge Tactical, the business Jorgensen opened in 2012. For students […]

Nice work: Darryl Godwin

Darryl Godwin Business Administration – Accounting 2003 Business Planning Analyst Planning and Reporting “For the past eight years, our family has taken at least one backcountry ski trip with two or three other families to the Rocky Mountains. Usually this involves staying in a small cabin for a couple nights, and the skiing and sights […]

Keeping cool

J.J. Straker Recreation Facility Operations 2005 J.J. Straker has one of the hardest jobs in the NHL. While he doesn’t have to stand in front of 160 km/hr slapshots, worry about body checks or try to contain Crosby, McDavid or Stamkos, Straker does have to keep the ice perfect in a city that is not […]

Cool companion

Frank Lehniger and Dieter Heavy Equipment Technician Instructor and CARDA Avalanche Rescue Dog in Training There’s nothing Dieter the dog likes better than playing hide and seek – especially the seeking. When he visited a Boy Scout troop in Lethbridge in October, he found all three hidden children lickity-split. His wagging tail communicates his delight […]

Ward Bros. Construction Ltd. $200,000 gift establishes two classrooms in new facility

One of the largest general contracting and construction management companies based in southern Alberta, Ward Bros. Construction Ltd. announced a $200,000 gift to Lethbridge College in September. The gift, which will be used to establish two classrooms in the college’s new trades and technologies facility, illustrates the ongoing support the college cultivates with its industry […]

A talented team

Forty-eight years later, the jerseys still felt right. That’s what five of the remaining team members from Lethbridge College’s golden 1966-67 basketball team experienced this fall when they donned their old numbers (when possible) and took to the court during the men’s basketball home opener to be recognized for their induction into the Lethbridge Sports […]

Nice work: Francis Rankin

Francis Rankin Project Manager Facilities Management Francis Rankin is one of at least six people in the Lethbridge College community who spends his nights and weekends wearing the black and white stripes of a hockey referee. He and students Wyatt Griffin (Criminal Justice), Megan French (Massage Therapy), Justin Cameron (Nursing), Cole Nicholas (Criminal Justice) and […]

Editor’s message

My inbox was flooded with great stories when I put out a call to my Lethbridge College colleagues to share their love of winter sports and activities with me for this, the “ice issue” of Wider Horizons. With replies that were almost poetic, they told me about why they loved skiing, snowboarding, skating, camping, hiking […]

Nice work: Sandra Dufresne

Sandra Dufresne Development Officer Advancement “I prefer outdoor winter activities to summer ones, actually. The feel of the cold on my face (and in my lungs) is exhilarating! “The scenery makes it all worthwhile. I love sunny blue skies and grey snowy days equally. I skied as a child and a teen with my family […]

Cold comfort

Betty Van Der Lee and Allen Clampitt Food Services Supervisor and Culinary Instructor Betty Van Der Lee hated winter. “The more it snowed, the more I hated it,” says Van Der Lee, the college’s food services supervisor. “She would walk from the car into the house and that was it,” says her husband Allen Clampitt […]

With thanks…

Lethbridge College is the fortunate recipient of many gifts throughout the year, from employees giving $10 a month to community and industry partners giving a million dollars or more. They all make a real difference in the lives of students – now and for years to come. These gifts provide students with scholarships and bursaries, […]

Frozen frontier

Dawn Keith Physical Education and Leadership Instructor Lethbridge College Physical Education and Leadership Instructor Dawn Keith has been asked to teach basketball to players all over the country. But most invitations don’t come with the promise of seeing the Northern Lights or going out for a quick dog sled ride. Keith has experienced both in […]

Nice work: Karen Harker

Karen Harker Associate Vice President Academic “I love the connection with nature in all seasons, but winter brings a special connection. Sounds – the quiet of snow falling straight down, the sound of the crunch of snow underfoot, building snowmen and snow forts with kids and the hot chocolate afterwards, the beauty of everything white. […]

From our kitchens: Gelati duo

The history of gelato dates back to the 16th century, although the origins can be traced back to ancient Rome and Egypt, where frozen desserts made of snow and ice brought down from the mountaintops and preserved below ground were welcome treats. But we can thank northern Italians for bringing together the perfect balance of […]

Nice work: Karen Mikado

Karen Mikado Nursing 1993 Practical Nursing Instructor “I love winter activities because they are just as exhilarating as summer sports. There’s something to be said about overcoming the first few minutes of cold just as I start a run or step onto the slopes. As soon as my body warms up, I feel as though […]

News and notes

College welcomes students at NSO More than 1,200 new students at Lethbridge College got some inspiring advice at New Student Orientation (NSO) from someone who has been where they are – and then went all the way to the head of Global News. Troy Reeb, a 1988 Communication Arts graduate and Senior Vice President of […]

Nice work: David Kennedy

David Kennedy Accounting Instructor Business Administration “I have played hockey all my life. Currently I play in two leagues. One is organized – the Lethbridge Oldtimers Sports Association where I played the last 25 years – and the other is rec hockey with a group of friends. I have played rec hockey with the same […]

Where are they now

Celebrating the successes of our alumni in their careers and throughout their lives. 2015 Armond Duck Chief Business Administration – Management Armond Duck Chief won Best Country CD for The One and was named Best Indigenous Songwriter at the 2015 Indigenous Music Awards in September in Winnipeg. He was also nominated for the Best Producer/Engineer […]

Westco Construction Ltd. donates $50,000 to create new trades and technologies classroom

Westco Construction Ltd., a Lethbridge company that will be celebrating its 25th year of providing complete construction solutions in southern Alberta in 2016, has shown its support of a Lethbridge College education by donating $50,000 to establish a classroom in the college’s new trades and technologies facility, the college announced in November. Theo Van Ee […]

ON THE MARK: with Darrell Ell, Business Administration 1997

Mark Campbell (Communication Arts 1975) shares the stories of fellow Lethbridge College alumni Darrell Ell (Business Administration – Golf Management 1997) wasn’t your typical new college student when he arrived in Lethbridge, as he had just finished a 22-year military career when he came to the college. He enrolled in the Business Administration – Golf […]

Grads on our grounds: with J.J. Nelson

J.J. Nelson is just where he wants to be on the job site for the new trades and technologies facility at Lethbridge College – right in the middle of everything. Nelson, who graduated from the Automotives Service Technician program in 2009 and from the Computer Network Technician program in 2004, is the general foreman for […]

Nice work: Candace Lewko

“Being outdoors is freeing. I just soak in all the sunshine, no matter the season. I like the feel of the snow, the softness of it; it is like a big blanket of white. Being outdoors in the prairie winter makes your body feel different, too. It makes you feel alert and attentive. It is […]

Lethbridge College legacies: Cold as ice: a short history of ice in southern Alberta

Ice is essential for many things. Ice keeps food and drinks cold. We need ice for hockey, curling and other winter sports. And if your plan is to make some of the best ice sculptures around, you will need a great quantity of ice. In the days before refrigerators, it took a great deal of […]

A ride-along with a polar bear beat cop

For six years, Bob Windsor kept Churchill, Man., free of a different kind of perp. From 2009 until 2015, Bob Windsor kept the streets safe in the arctic town of Churchill—or at least tried to. Even with less than a dozen blocks to protect, the Manitoba conservation officer and his small staff were heavily outnumbered. […]

From prairies to polar bears: The life of an ’83 Conservation Enforcement alum

Bob Windsor says his two years at Lethbridge College were some of the best of his life. He remembers good friends, great times in the Cave and inspiring instructors who had real-world knowledge about the subjects they taught. Take Rowland Maw, who taught the “Parks” course to Windsor. As Windsor was reviewing his notes, he […]

Nice work: Joshua Hill

Joshua Hill Tutor Learning Cafe “Doing winter activities outdoors refreshes my mind, helps me to feel alive, and increases my appreciation for the beauty that is winter as a full-body experience. I typically don’t wear all too many layers, but the layers that I do wear count! I love the feeling of the chill on […]

Taylor Harvesting to establish the Taylor Family Heavy Equipment Bay

A family-owned and operated farming and custom harvesting business announced a $100,000 gift in October to establish the Taylor Family Heavy Equipment Bay at Lethbridge College. Taylor Harvesting Ltd. has operated out of southern Alberta for 30 years. “My son, Darren (Agricultural Technology 1998), and I are both alumni of the college and agree that […]

News and notes: Instructor helps students to address intimate partner violence

A Lethbridge College instructor has developed a project that has students drawing on their knowledge to educate others about the issue of intimate partner violence (IPV). Dr. Ron Solinski, PhD, an instructor in the college’s Child and Youth Care program, has had students from his family violence class create 20-minute persuasive videos called “If you […]