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A World Away, A World of Difference


Jinan, China, is called the “City of Springs” and teems with a population of around seven million people. The capital of the eastern province of Shandong is located about 390 kilometers south of Beijing and never shuts down. But the continuous flurry of activity that takes place here each day has become commonplace to Lethbridge [...]

Multimedia Magic

Creating the clouds that the superhero flies through, the crumbling bridge that a car is about to drive off, and the “demon turds” that the science fiction monster leaves behind – that’s how Lethbridge College grad Shaun Roth spends his workdays. “On one hand it’s just another job,” says the Red Deer native, who grew [...]

Wildlife CSI: Canada

wildlife csi

A theme song by The Who blasts through the hallways. Are we in Las Vegas, Miami or New York? Lethbridge College actually, and there really isn’t a theme song, but this wildlife crime scene investigation seminar is certainly worthy of one. For the first time in Canada, 25 fish and wildlife enforcement officers received training [...]

Connecting the Dots


Life has its twists and turns, and for the most part, things come together as they should – if we only put the pieces together. Decked out in Lethbridge College garb, Vicki Charge prepares to board the last connecting flight from Calgary to Lethbridge. After another successful meeting, she’s eager to share news on what’s [...]

A Gift and a Memory


The Lethbridge Regional Police Service (LRPS) has made a $6,640 donation to Lethbridge College’s Kodiak House. Chief Tom McKenzie (Criminal Justice ‘76) says the LRPS had started down the road of making a donation some time ago, but after the death of Constable Sheldon Twigg, the monetary gift became a priority – the perfect way [...]